4 Weeks In – WIB Update

Women in Business had a busy first two weeks! We had our canopy, banner, and table out in the quad and officers were out busy speaking in their classes to promote our organization and our Kick-Off. Did you get to hear us speak in your class?

On Tuesday, February 7th, we had our Spring 2012 Kick-Off. We had some wonderful guests come by:
Our faculty adviser, Dr. Sharyn Gardner
Co-founder, Elham Watson
Co-founder, Danielle Medich

We had food, games, and introduced our committees! Come take part in Women in Business!

Last night, we had our first General Meeting! We started it off big with our Non-Profit Night! We had four guests from three local non-profit organizations speaking on the non-profit sector. Each provided insight on the difficulties, but very rewarding career in their respective fields.

– Genevieve Deignan (Program Director) of Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services
– Stephanie Spees (Community Relations Coordinator) of Ronald McDonald House Charities
– Alice Barry and Kate (Volunteers) of Women’s Empowerment

Thank you for the support!


About Women in Business at Sacramento State University

Women in Business at Sacramento State University
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One Response to 4 Weeks In – WIB Update

  1. Mike says:

    Yes thank-you Genevieve for all you do around town and @NetworkCafe.

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