End of the 2011-2012 WIB Year


The Women in Business year has come to a close. We want to thank everyone who contributed to a great WIB year. Your support is what keeps a small organization like Women in Business at Sacramento State going! We can’t thank you enough!

Please check out the 2nd issue (and last one of the semester) of our WIB Newsletter!

On Friday, May 4th, we held our Member Appreciation Banquet. We recognized our amazing members for stepping up out of being just a student at Sac State, but an active student engaged in the community, attending events for personal and professional development, and being an amazing WIB member! You’re awesome!
We also congratulated and celebrated the SEVEN members who will be earning their Bachelor’s Degree at Sacramento State; Yana, Pang, Nila, Kira, Daisy, Madelyn, and Carolyn. Congratulations, ladies! Class of 2012! You rock! We love all our WIBBIES!

[Group photo coming soon!]

At the banquet, we also announced the new 2012-2013 Board of Officers of Women in Business. Congratulations, ladies! Keep the fire going! Please check the Officer Page for contact information:

(Left to Right: Emma, Sakshi, Noemi, Mia, Veronica, Linh; Not shown: Stephanie, Kristina)

Over the summer, the new officers will be gearing up for another awesome year. Look for us in the coming Fall semester. Until then…have a wonderful summer!

Fall 2012 Kick-Off…SAVE THE DATE…
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Location TBD 
7 PM


About Women in Business at Sacramento State University

Women in Business at Sacramento State University
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