Thinking of becoming a member? Wondering about the costs and requirements? Before you step in, here’s a preview.

First off, our weekly General Meetings (guest speakers) are open to EVERYONE (member or guests are welcome)! Second, there are NO requirements to be a member (requirements are only for members who CHOOSE to earn a Gift at the end of the semester). We understand you’re busy and we are very flexible!

So you wonder, why become a member if the General Meetings are open to all? With Membership, comes extra perks that are only open to members, such as:

  • free access to member-only social events (ice skating, corn maze, bowling, etc.)
  • free access to member-only professional development events (Dinner etiquette, Resume Workshop, etc.)
  • an invitation to Member Appreciation Banquet (we get together to have dinner, relax)
  • the utter joy of being part of an organization with others who share the same interest
  • option to include Women in Business in your resume, which an officer will vouch your participation and involvement
  • a chance to earn a Women in Business T-shirt (more information below)

Membership Dues:
$40 for the Spring 2015 semester

How to earn your Women in Business T-shirt:
In order to receive a Women in Business T-shirt, you must complete the following (at minimum):
– 5 general meetings
– 2 social events and 1 community service event

All T-shirt requirements must be completed no later than May 6, 2015.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the VP of Membership at: